25. Svibanj 2019 - 10:00 do 16:00
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Make a Wooden Spoon | Lawrence Weston Community Farm | Subota, 25. Svibanj 2019

Make a useful utensil from absolute scratch! Starting with a log you will use traditional greenwoodworking tools to; split, axe, shave, carve and whittle yourself a spoon. You will rough out a blank, hollow out the bowl and refine the shape, as well as discussing the safe use of tools and the properties of different woods.
Wooden spoons are invaluable in the kitchen or when camping.  Creating something with your hands is a fantastic way to 'unplug and unwind', espcially if outside in nature. This day will set you up with some basic greenwoodworking skills so you will be able to make other small items. Info will be given on the best knives to purchase if you want to keep whittling away at home.
This course is held outside in our Water Vole Woodland. There is uneven ground. Please call if you want to check access needs before booking.
Adults only.
Please bring lunch. Hot drinks provided.