01. Ožujak 2020 - 11:00
Labyrinth Brewing Company, Forest Street, Manchester Green, Central Manchester, Hartford County, Connecticut, 06040, United States of America,
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Patrick Hastie & Gideon Hambright: A Stand Up Comedy Show | Nedjelja, 01. Ožujak 2020

NYC comedians Gideon Hambright and Patrick Hastie stop by Labyrinth Brewing Company for a night of standup comedy.

Tickets: https://buytickets.at/jackknifecomedy/345082

Gideon Hambright was born and raised along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in Davenport, IA. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY but he is Midwestern through and through. His stage presence and person is as wild, wacky, and friendly as his jokes are. Gideon has appeared on Bravo’s “Bake Amends” and MTV’s “Decoded” as well as several very, very small parts on countless other TV shows. He's the co-host and producer of Jackknife Comedy at The Creek & The Cave in Queens and House of Bricks at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Gideon has been featured in the East Atlanta Strut, Charm City Comedy Festival, Hudson Valley Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival, Oak City Comedy Festival, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, Finger Lakes Comedy Festival, WOOtenany Comedy Festival and Cinder Block Comedy Festival.


Patrick Hastie is a comedian from Glenwood, Iowa who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has performed all over the country and has been featured in festivals like the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival and the Memphis Comedy Festival. He can be heard weekly on the podcast The Nostalgic Front, has been featured on The Chive, College Humor and The Interrobang and he co-produces the popular monthly show Jackknife Comedy at The Creek and The Cave in Queens. Patrick is a very nice guy and his 5 year plan is to be cool and live forever!