26. Svibanj 2018 - 10:00
Hotel Antunović Zagreb Zagrebačka Avenija 100 A, 10000 Zagreb
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Two day workshop intensive in Zagreb Croatia | Subota, 26. Svibanj 2018

Saturday May 26th: 10 AM - 4 PM
Sunday May 27th: 10 AM - 6 PM
Workshop will be translated to Croatian

Workshop will include:

Guided Meditation Into The Other World:
Anita will take participants through a guided meditation into the other realm, where they will learn how to let go of obstacles that are holding them back.

The Gift of Receiving:
In this session, Anita will help participants open up their ability to be able to receive the gifts of this world, as many people who are attracted to Anita’s work are very generous, but do not know how to receive.

Dealing with Health Challenges:
Participants who are dealing with any physical or health challenges will gain deeper understanding and insights as to how to deal with their challenge.

Communicating with Your Body:
Anita will teach the participants how our bodies communicate with us, what types of messages our bodies convey, and how to tune in.

Journaling (The Three “I’s”):
Participants will be encouraged to journal their Intentions beforehand, their Insights during the workshop and meditations, and will learn how to Integrate these lessons into their lives (Intentions, Insights and Integration).