13. Rujan 2019 - 13:30 do 15:30
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Panel 5 – Distributing the Benefits and Burdens of a Green Economy Transition | McGill Faculty Club and Conference Centre | Petak, 13. Rujan 2019

Is it possible to expand Canada’s climate policy and ensure the nation’s economic prosperity? What are the economic benefits of being ahead of the curve in the green economy transition, in terms of technology innovation, investments and reaping the low-hanging fruits (e.g. technical expertise, job creation and health co-benefits) of a new energy-industrial revolution? How can the benefits and burdens of a green economy transition be distributed between Canadian provinces?
13:30-15:30 Three speakers (30 minutes each + 30 minutes Q and A)
Catherine Potvin (Biology, McGill University) - Awareness, economy, know-how: Who can afford the Green Economy Transition?
Justin Leroux (Applied Economics, HEC) – Fairness, efficiency and autonomy: Three reasons to finance climate-disaster relief in proportion to provincial emissions of GHGs
Johanne Whitmore (Chair in Energy Sector Management) -
15:30-16:00 Coffee