06. Kolovoz 2018 - 13:00
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MoDem Festival 2018 (Momento Demento) | Primislje, Karlovačka, Croatia | Ponedjeljak, 06. Kolovoz 2018

06.08.2018. - 12.08.2018.


welcome to Mo:Dem Festival 2018.! The date is set and planning for our next gathering can start...

First of all, we want to thank you once more for your support and love given: HVALA!

We learned a lot, especially in communication with you, and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but more accessible and more humane Mo:Dem. Your better comfort and safety is the primary goal. With our greener initiative, we want to live the words ecology and sustainability even more. Preserving the site as pure and untouched as we found it implies stricter 'leave no trace' policy. Except for the construction of new compost toilets we have big plans in this department and therefore we're going to need your help; so expect crowdfunding and other campaigns in near future.

We continue to follow our vision to abandon the outdated concept that divides musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative' so each segment of the Mo:Dem Festival will have equal treatment and approach. It seems that you liked new concept with three musical stages and at this moment we can only reveal that we are improving and developing it. But building chill out area worthy of our Festival is the main objective. You know what to expect - diverse musical content with an emphasis on psychedelic sound and out of this world visuals, installations and art.

As you know Mo:Dem is not expanding in numbers and tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy yours on time. Early bird tickets will be online in mid-September. Other news are coming soon so stay tuned!

With love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew

  • Aweh. I need advice from fellow South Africans that has been through the process of applying for Croatian visas to attend Modem...particularly Saffas who work online or who are self employed and traveling at the same time. Please send me a message, I'd like to ask you a few things:)
  • Can anybody tell me the easiest way to get to Dubrovnik after the festival? Looking to fly from there to the Netherlands for Psy-fi, but I'm wondering if it would be better to fly from somewhere else.
  • Hola... Will there be a shuttle bus from MoDem Festival to Psy-Fi? Gracias. ✨
  • ] ART INSTALLATIONS APPLICATION [ If you want to participate at Mo:Dem Festival 2018. with your art installation we have great news for you. With the objective of finding skilful artists who can contribute to art segment of our festival we opened application for art installations. Be quick and apply here: http://bit.ly/ArtInstallationsApplication With love and passion, Mo:Dem Crew www.modemfestival.com #MoDemFestival #MomentoDemento #MoDem2018
  • Have a ticket to sell, contact if Interested 😋
  • Hi there, Does the music program finish on 12th August? Are we able to stay on site until the 13th August?
  • Hey :) Does anybody know if there is a shuttle bus from the ozora Festival to the modem Festival? Thank you!
  • Bonjour je vend 1 billet pour le modem à 100€. Contactez moi si intéressé
  • 😍😍😍💓💓💓 ***...diese woche wird mich prägen....vl sogar richtig verändern....:) 1 woche mitten in der Kroatischen Natur....:) Ich werd mir dann bald das ticket sichern das garantier ich 😀...wird das erste sein was ich meinem chef wenn ich wieder anfange in da firma unter die augen halten werde 😁😁😁
  • hi, everyone, I'm thinking of coming to the modem festival this year with a group of friends. Before we decide, I'd like to talk to people who've been there before. Thank you in advance for contacting me by pm. love & light
  • Who have the full lineup pic?
  • Where can I buy tickets with PayPal... !??!???
  • how do I do a name change???
  • Hi I can’t make it anymore so am selling my ticket €115 please message me to buy and I can organize the name change for the ticket 🙂
  • Where about is the order number placed on your ticket???
  • Hey, I come from France and I can't come to MoDem so I sell my ticket ! ;)
  • I'm from brazil and I am going to be in dublin or amsterdam just before the modem festival. Can anyone help, telling me the most easy way to go to the festival from this locations??
  • Is the Ticket at the gate cheaper when we arrive on Wednesday the 8th August ?
  • NOSTALGIA!!! <3
  • Hello from Cape Town South Africa. I have one phase 6 ticket bought on the Hadra shop online for sale. Inbox me or comment here if interested. 🌈🤖❤️
  • Waiting for the destructor line up ...! Can t wait to see Parvati Records family :)
  • hello! how can I change the name on a ticket if I want to sell it?
  • ] THE HIVE | DESIGN & VISUALS [ An eternal mankind pursuit of existing extraterrestrial intelligence can be brought to an end. The Hive with its StarGate is the key evidence of alien technology. Stage and dance floor designers and builders Björn Jelinek & Robert Rupitsch may look like humans, sound like Austrians, but they are definitely not from this planet. Their work on Earth is just preparation for the Extra-Dimensional Space Nations landing party! They designed The Hive for you to DANCE, HAVE FUN AND BE AS ONE! The main purpose of enjoying psychedelic dance music at Mo:Dem Festival 2018. will be enhanced by next visionaries: The ExtraDimensional Space Agency - stage design, LED lights & visuals TAS Visuals - mapping Deltaprocess - mapping Petrix - string art 1000 Errors - (Live Visuals & Animation) - visuals Find more info here: http://modemfestival.com/deco-visuals-and-art-performances/ And if you are only interested in the lineup, you will need to be patient for few more days. Love and passion, Mo:Dem Crew https://modemfestival.com #TheHive #MoDem2018 #MomentoDemento #EDSA #TAS #DeltaProcess #Petrix #1000errors
  • Selling 1 ticket $200 AUD including name change ✨
  • Hello, I am Brazilian and would like to know if anyone knows if there is a direct transport from Ozora to the Modem? I would be very grateful if anyone could inform me. Thank you!