11. Lipanj 2020 - 12:00
Cast Away - Hvar, Croatia, Supetar
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Dimensional Breathwork: Path to the Soul | Četvrtak, 11. Lipanj 2020

Dimensional Breathwork: Path to the Soul

Hosted by Andrew Genovese


Hello everyone! In this workshop I'll be sharing with you spiritual teachings on Ancient wisdom, the Power of the breath, the inner workings of the mind, our purpose here on this planet, my knowledge as a Nutritionist on detox and cleansing ,and what practices we can do for more energy in your everyday life. We will also have a yoga flow everyday and be fine tuning our mind, body, and soul.

The most important part of this workshop is the Dimenisonal Breathwork we do on Friday and Saturday evening. We need to be in a fasted state for at least 3 hours to do the breathwork which is why there is brunch from 1pm to 2pm. Everyone will be a "breather" one of the days and a "sitter" the other day. Dimensional breathwork starts with slow to more evocative breathing accoompanied by healing sounds to help put the breather into a deep state over roughly a 2 hour period. This breathwork is diving into the deepest form of our psyche to bring trapped emotion and trauma from our sub conscious and un conscious to be able to be processed consciously in many forms. People who do this work often say, "I've never been this relaxed in my life." or very frequently, "I feel like this is the first time in my life I've ever lived in my physical body." That being said this workshop is for people looking for GROWTH and tap into their greatest potential. This workshop is for the spiritual seeker and open mind. You will become incredibly close with the people doing this workshop as well as have lot of time with me. :) I promise you will leave Hvar island blown away and gaining more than you ever could have imagined.

Love from South India ❤❤?,

Andrew Genovese



Arrival between 12-5pm with welcome drink

6pm: Tea, Meet & Greet New Friends

7pm: Organic Healthy Dinner

8.30pm: Opening Ceremony and Set Intention for duration here

9.30pm: Guided Visualization Meditation


7.30am: Morning Tea/Organic Juice

8am: Gratitude Meditation with breathwork

8.30am Morning Flow yoga

10am: Breakfast - Tea

11am: Free time (siesta/self yoga/journal)

1pm: Brunch

2pm: Heart Connection

3pm: Free time (siesta/self yoga/journal)

4pm: Uncovering why we are here

5pm - 8pm: Dimensional breathwork


7.30am: Morning Tea/Organic Juice

8am: Explaining of the Chakras and Chakra meditation

9am: Morning Flow Yoga

10am: Breakfast/Tea

11am: Free time (siesta/self yoga/journal)

1pm: Brunch

3pm: Nutrition/Detox/Our Evironment

4pm: What is meditation - 30 min meditation

5pm - 8pm: Dimensional breathwork


7.30am: Morning Tea/Organic Juice

8am: Heart Opening Meditation

8.30: Morning Yoga/last half hour silly yoga

10am: Breakfast/Tea

11am: Free time (journal/self yoga/siesta)

1pm: Giving/Karma/Why are we here?

2pm: Fill out Self Help worksheet

3pm: Free Time (siesta/journal/self yoga)

4pm : Vulnerability/Heart Session

5pm: Circle Walking/Meditation

530pm: Last supper

7pm: Ecstatic dance

9pm: Closing meditation ceremony


8am: Breakfast/Tea

10am: Departure to ferry port


Beach Hut / shared: 550 Euro (before 15/04)

Beach Hut / shared: 650 Euro (after 15/04)

Beach Hut / private, single: 795 Euro (before 15/04)

Beach Hut / private, single: 895 Euro (after 15/04)

Tickets & retreat info: email